is a team of specialists in branding, design and marketing communications. 


The branding company Brand Brothers (Russia) specializes in branding of food and non-food products. We cover the full cycle of works in launching a new trademark or renewal of the existing brands. Our work includes the search of ideas, naming the brand and packaging design.


While introducing new products we design forms of packaging made of various materials such as glass, plastic, carton or combined materials. When working we collaborate with packaging producers in Russia and abroad.


Working with private labels of international retailers takes a special place on the list of our services. we have great experience in collaborating with Western and Russian retailers in introducing and developing private labels.


The launching and the development of corporate brands has its  peculiarities. The corporate branding is first of all the image of a company, which is well visible in points of contact with a client.


The corporate brand expresses the philosophy, conception, mood and mission of a company. To form a unique image of a business or a service the company needs a  name, corporate identity and various commercial materials as well.


The company image is developed through the interior and exterior of its office spaces. 


The rules of using the corporate identity are described in brand-book and serve a base for work with any commercial materials.

We consider the brand in a combination of factors, perceived by the senses of the consumer: the readability of the brand idea, design, usability, taste and smell.

By creating a design, we offer not only a delicious picture - we work on the visual and emotional components of the brand. This allows to build a unique, controlled dialogue with the consumer.

The concept of our business is formulated in our slogan - Brands Born To Be Loved​.

We are convinced that the emotional connection with the brand is the basis of all following communications.

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